Ala Bianca Group srl was born in Italy in 1978 as a publishing company. In the mid to late ‘80s it created an International network with other companies all over the world through sub publishing agreements in order to achive a global representation. In several countries general masters agreements were also signed and part of the catalogue was released by local recording companies.
Ala Bianca’s original publishing catalogue is made up by over 6000 songs and compositions by Italian and International authors, featuring names such as: Dario Fo, Enzo Jannacci, Alan Sorrenti, Francesco Guccini, Marlene Kuntz, Roberto Benigni, Zucchero, Roberto Vecchioni, Giovanna Marini, Ivan Della Mea, Vladimir Vysotskij, L. Vázquez Montalbán and many others.

In 1986 ALA BIANCA becomes also a recording company, featuring national distribution by EMI in the first years and eventually dealing with Warner Music. This i show recording production is articulated:

  • FOLK AND TRADITIONAL MUSIC – 10.000 songs collected and recorded among all Italian regions and different cultures by musicologists and researchers of the Istituto Ernesto De Martino. Two centuries of the Italian History told through the music, from the Jacobin songs that flew after the French Revolution to the Redshirts songs from the Italian unification, to the songs of the emigrant of the early twentieth century, to the worker class songs, to the partisans songs, Songs from the village taverns, songs of the anarchits…., songs from the ’68 student protest as songs from the 2001 No Global protest in Genova. The catalogue collect Antologies of some of the most prominent Italian songwriters with social leanings such as: Giovanna Marini, Ivan Della Mea, Paolo Pietrangeli, Gualtiero Bertelli… ALA BIANCA released more than 60 CD from tis section of its catalogue for the historic label “I Dischi Del Sole” and new remasterings are on the way for further releases. A special project called “Avanti Popolo“ was created to release 12 monographies on key aspects of the themes included in th label catalogue: the ’68, Songs against tha war, anarchist songs and so on. Every monography was released along with a booklet including previously unpublished material (pieces of writing, pictures, direct evidences).
  • CLASSIC SONGWRITING – the one and only collection where to find the best Italian classic songwriter who took part at the 38 editions of “Canzone D’Autore del Club TENCO”, which from 1974 cointinues still today year at thel “Teatro Ariston” in San Remo. This collection is called “I dischi del Club Tenco” and features classic Italian songwriters such as: F.Guccini, R.Vecchioni, P. Conte, F.De Andrè,  P.Daniele, Chico Buarque De Hollanda, Gino Paoli, Roberto Benigni, Paolo Rossi, Vladimir Vitsoskij, Pablo Milanes… Altri artisti pubblicati: Enzo Jannacci, Giorgio Conte, Gianni Maroccolo e Claudio Rocchi, Max Manfredi…
  • ROCK­ and POP – A Toys Orchestra, Denise, Nair, Tetès de Bois, Il Parto delle nuvole pesanti, Maurizio Solieri, Paolo Jannacci, Debora  Petrina, Skiantos…
  • MUSICA LATINA – Ala Bianc had been among the first to spresad the Latin American culture in Italy tank to the release of Caribbean musica, through series of compilation like: “La noche cubana” and “Margarita Caliente” featuringoriginal music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Miami, Venezuela, N.Y. One of the most succesful releases was El Gato Dj’s hit “Mueve la colita”.
  • WORLD MUSIC: some special projects were released in this section, featuring artists like JESUS LANTERMO (ex Gipsy King), MANCO INCA,
    FEMMES (female voices from Italian popular music); ITALIE: VOIX ‘HOMMES (male voices from Italian popular music), ANDHIRA (folk music from ardinia), Il PARTO DELLE NUVOLE PESANTI (etnho­folk).
  • DANCE MUSIC – more than 1000 tracks featuring hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s Italian golden Dance era.

I thought up a job
I got interested in music when I was a student because I liked songs, I also tried to write some… Music was my greatest passion, but I was totally far from thinking that it could ever work with it, and I’m a publisher since more than thirty years instead. I turned my passion into my job!
In 1978 I founded Ala Bianca as a publishig company along with others associates and in 1985 we also become a record company. I loved to travel, to discover, to follow artists onstage and in the studio, to find out the creative side of authors and songwriters; It was a world made up of magic, a game where I was taking part guided just by my instinct and with passion, but looking for a role as key player. I focused on publishing because I was particularly curious in this field. I started to study copyright by myself as I had previously graduated in a compltetely different field. And I often went to SIAE (Italian collecting society) offices to make any kind of questions.
I never thought I was working and I never wondered how much I could earn, I was doing it because Iliked it, and so as royalties started to flow in I was considering them as a gift. I was getting an income from fun!
I knew well what the word “work” ment. Because I came from the countryside , my parents were farmers and to them working ment strain and privations, ofetn not fully rewarded. Here, on the other hand, I was playing with music and making money…

If we got where we are now it’s thanks to those people