Al-Kemi Split Vol.1


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"Al-Kemi Split Vol.1" is the new project  onceived by the al-kemi factory, a nucleus of already established artists who are joined by new names: ‘Bastian Contrario’ and  ‘Diverba’.

This is a split (a formula very much in vogue in the 1980s) of DIVERBA and BASTIAN CONTRARIO.
Specifically, these are two bands "coming out together," each with its own album: "Per chi tace" is the title of Diverba's record, "Due il contrario di uno" that of Bastian Contrario.

Diverba is a rock band in which six different ways of being come together and coexist in one musical body.
The record is a collection of stories, thoughts and states of mind derived from personal experience.
"PER CHI TACE" that becomes a common thread with multiple meanings.
"Intra nos", for example, is a song that manifests strong musical passion between accelerations and sudden states of stillness.
Another impressive song is "Ilenia" where a fast tempo blends with a narrative about those who have suffered too much for too long. It then shifts to darker atmospheres in "Resto perso" with very dense and well-calibrated bass lines.

Bastian Contrario, on the other hand, offer "DUE IL CONTRARIO DI UNO", aking their cue from a story by Erri de Luca.
The richness of the music of the two musicians from Campania consists of different elements: drums, trumpets, trombones, strings, accordion, bass and guitar.
Everything is played now swirlingly now more delicately and has a strong emotional appeal.
The beautiful "L'amore distratto" opens the album and is a concentrated pop-folk with an extraordinary final chorus.
Then there is the softly moving tale of "Annina" with a very evocative refrain, also underscored by the presence of the violin. The soft atmosphere of "Parla tu per me" has something magical about it: the whispered voice is masterfully accompanied by the rhythm section in a gradual unified crescendo.


Bastian Contrario – Due il contrario di uno
01. Amore distratto
02. Elogio all ‘arte della felicità
03. Annina
04. Proprio tempo
05. Oggi non è
06. Bella è la vita
07. Parlando canta
08. Ieri oggi e domani
09. Parla tu per me

Diverba – Per chi tace
01. Intra Nos
02. Solo Come Voi
03. Tutti Quanti
04. Ilenia
05. Il Desiderio di Domani
06. In Luminol
07. Enfant Terrible
08. Eufonia
09. Sono un Albero
10. Incautamente
11. Resto Perso
12. 31 Febbraio