Bastian Contrario – Due il contrario di uno


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Due il contrario di uno is the first album by Bastian Contrario, a 'two-man-band' from Campania.
The album is released in 2012, produced by Gianni Maroccolo.

This disc has folk atmospheres and intense lyrics. It is inspired by a volume of short stories by writer Erri De Luca, in which characters are led to defy life to become at least two, where two symbolically represents union, the exact opposite of one (loneliness).
The two artists' first album is called 'Due il contrario di uno' taking up De Luca's work. In which the music originates from drums, trumpets, trombones, strings, accordion, bass and guitar with orchestrations and intimate lyrics.
The 'goal is to achieve maximum expressiveness with the instruments at their disposal.
This has also led the duo to experiment with some slightly more 'homemade' systems.
They needed, for example, to create a longer and more regular accordion sound, like a kind of organ, but unfortunately the bellows did not allow it. So they had the ingenious idea of attaching the accordion to a vacuum cleaner," thus creating the exact sound they were looking for.

The album Due il contrario di uno by Bastian Contrario contains some of the duo's most famous compositions such as "Parla tu per me," a folk-symphonic song .
"Oggi non è" is a collaboration with singer Marcello Colasurdo (from Gruppo Operaio 'E Zezi), voice and soul of Neapolitan folk culture.
The songs "'Elogio all'arte della felicità' and 'Bella è la vita'" give clear advice for living day by day without neglecting what happens around us.
Poetry comes to life with the songs "Annina" and "Parla tu per me," a mixture of instruments and feelings that strike and stir you inside.
Let's not forget " Amore distratto" with its rooms about the relationship between two and the hopeful "Oggi non è."


  1. Amore distratto
  2. Elogio all’arte della felicità
  3. Oggi non è
  4. Due
  5. Annina
  6. Bella è la vita
  7. Parlando canta
  8. Proprio tempo
  9. Ieri oggi domani
  10. Parla tu per me