Ala Bianca Group srl is a Music Publishing and Production company that had its origins in Italy back in 1978 as a music publisher.

In 1986, Ala Bianca transformed into a Record Company, initially partnering with EMI for distribution in its early years and subsequently with Warner Music.

Today, the Original Publishing Catalog consists of more than 15,000 titles by both Italian and international composers and authors, spanning folk music, singer-songwriting, pop-rock, latin, and dance music, with a particular emphasis on music for film soundtracks, documentaries, and TV series.

In the latter half of the 1980s established a global network by partnering with publishing associates worldwide, representing the entire catalog. This initiative aimed to broaden our reach and presence in local collecting societies’ databases across various territories. Additionally, in some countries, we entered into general master agreements, licensing the master rights of artists whose records were subsequently released by local record companies.

Throughout its journey, Ala Bianca has maintained a consistent commitment: unwavering attention and care for content.


Our collaboration with the Ernesto De Martino Institute and Edizioni Musicali Bella Ciao srl has steered our focus towards a genre of immense historical and cultural significance, extending beyond music. This is a vital field that has, regrettably, been largely overlooked by the market.

Ala Bianca has embarked on captivating projects dedicated to the rediscovery of this remarkable genre. Our work spans two hundred years of Italian history through popular songs, ranging from Jacobin Songs following the post-French Revolution, Garibaldi Songs during the Italian Unification, and Canti Degli Emigranti from the early 1900s to the Canti Del Lavoro, Canti Della Resistenza, Delle Osterie, and Degli Anarchici. We continue to chronicle this journey, encompassing the student protests of ’68 with “Contessa” and “Valle Giulia” and beyond, including the events of Genoa in 2001.

Furthermore, we have published monographs on social song artists like Giovanna Marini, Ivan Della Mea, Paolo Pietrangeli, Fausto Amodei, Gualtiero Bertelli, and many others.

Of this rich cultural heritage, Ala Bianca has re-released over 100 albums in physical (CD, and some in vinyl) and digital formats within the prestigious I Dischi del Sole series. We are also in the process of digitizing and remastering the entire sound archive of the Ernesto De Martino Institute for future releases.

Attraverso una particolare iniziativa denominata Avanti Popolo furono pubblicate su supporto CD 12 monografie (distribuzione edicola) estrapolate dall’intero catalogo, a contenuto tematico: il ’68, i canti della resistenza, i canti contro la guerra, i canti del lavoro, uniti a fascicoli cartacei di materiali inediti: scritti, foto, testimonianze storiche.

As part of a special initiative called Avanti Popolo, we’ve published 12 thematic content CD monographs (available through newsstand distribution), extracted from our extensive catalog, coupled with unpublished materials such as writings, photos, and historical testimonies. In 2021, to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Italian Communist Party, Ala Bianca and the Ernesto De Martino Institute released the playlist “Cento anni di canti comunisti italiani.” This compilation offers a profound journey through the sung history of communism in Italy, drawing from the historical publications of I Dischi Del Sole.


In the early 1990s, our collaboration with Club Tenco gave birth to the “I Dischi del Club Tenco” series, dedicated to singer-songwriter music. This marked Ala Bianca’s foray into the singer-songwriter domain, featuring some of Italy’s most iconic artists like Paolo Conte, Fabrizio De Andrè, Francesco Guccini, Enzo Jannacci, and many more. It stands as the sole series of its kind for songwriter music in Italy.

The albums we’ve published are sourced from the recordings of Club Tenco’sRassegna della canzone d’autore” and showcase the works of artists who graced the stage in the 44 editions of the Rassegna, hosted at the Teatro Ariston in San Remo since 1974.

Club Tenco, founded in Sanremo in 1972 by Amilcare Rambaldi and a group of passionate ‘singer-songwriter’ enthusiasts, takes its name from the late singer-songwriter Luigi Tenco, who tragically passed away in 1967. The Club’s mission is to unite those who, inspired by the message of singer-songwriters, seek to elevate the ‘canzone d’autore,’ infusing light music with artistic integrity and poetic realism.

The Club Tenco records feature interpretations by renowned artists such as Francesco Guccini, Roberto Vecchioni, Paolo Conte, Enzo Jannacci, Fabrizio De Andrè, Pino Daniele, Chico Buarque De Hollanda, Gino Paoli, Roberto Benigni, Paolo Rossi, Vladimir Vitsoskij, Pablo Milanes, and many others.


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The late 1980s saw the explosive rise of “dance Made in Italy.” During this period, Ala Bianca, while maintaining its solid publishing foundation, delved into this genre, resulting in the production of over 1000 dance music tracks, including several worldwide hits.

This fruitful work and recognition propelled the label’s growth, broadening its horizons and forging partnerships across Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia.

Ala Bianca ventured into a diverse range of dance styles, spanning from commercial dance to house, eurobeat to techno, underground, and hardcore. This diversification led to the creation of various subsidiary labels.

Flea Records, for instance, was established, focusing on eurobeat and Hi-NRG, offering tracks by artists like King Kong & D.jungle Girls, featuring hits such as “Walkie Talkie” and “Boom Boom Dollar,” along with the HITALO BEAT MIX compilations.

Spotsound Records, dedicated to underground techno, showcased productions by artists like Unconditional, including tracks like “Feel so right” and “Computer Love,” as well as other hits like “Sunshine & Happiness” and “Feel It” by Nerio’s Dubwork Feat. Darryl Pandy.

Got it Records, specializing in commercial techno, released the international hit “No Limit” by 2 Unlimited.

Further expansions gave rise to labels like Outta Records, with DJ Panda’sIt’s a dream,” Red Gate Records featuring productions by DJ Panda and DJ Ricci & MC Hair, N-Vertigo Records housing G-spott’sN-R-G” and Mighty Quinn Records with artists like Denis Azor and the Righeiras. The journey continues with ASAP Records, dedicated to underground techno, In Lite Records, and On Going Records, both focusing on commercial dance.


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Ala Bianca specializes in creating original music for films, documentaries, TV series, and occasionally commercials.

We provide synchronized music, which can encompass complete film soundtracks or individual musical pieces for a wide range of audiovisual productions, including short films, music videos, and websites.


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Discover more about our expertly curated synchronization services for film soundtracks, documentary films, TV series, and commercials.

Toni Verona, photo by Fabrizio Fenucci

Toni Verona, founder

Toni Verona discovered music in his youth. Drawn to its melodies, at the start he attempted to compose music of his own. But while it was his passion, he never considered pursuing it as a career, and instead embarked on a successful 30-year journey as a music publisher.

In 1978, alongside fellow partners, Toni co-founded Ala Bianca, a publishing company that expanded its operations to include record production in 1985. Throughout his career, he reveled in the thrill of traveling, meeting and accompanying singers on their recording sessions and concerts, witnessing and supervising the creative process of songwriters. For Toni, the music industry was a world of magic and wonder, a game in which he played passionately, always pursuing his leadership ambitions.

His interest in publishing ignited out of sheer curiosity, and he instinctively equipped himself with the basics of copyright law, often visiting the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) to seek guidance. Toni never viewed publishing as a job, and as a result, never inquired about financial gains. For him, it was a labor of love, a passion that brought him immense joy. Consequently, when royalty payments arrived, he regarded them as unexpected gifts, a testament to the serendipity of combining pleasure with profit.

Having grown up in a rural setting, Toni understood the true essence of hard work, instilled by his parents who equated work with fatigue and sacrifice, often inadequately rewarded. Yet, in the world of music, he found himself engaged in a playful pursuit, a source of endless amusement and fulfillment that still inspires his endeavours.

Slavery and human trafficking are a hidden evil of our global society. We all have a duty to monitor risks, however small, within the company and in the wider sense. Ala Bianca’s staff are asked to report any concerns and managers to act accordingly.

Attraverso questa dichiarazione Ala Bianca si impegna nel prevenire e riconoscere i potenziali rischi della schiavitù moderna, correlati alla propria attività in Italia, e nel mettere in atto misure volte a garantire che non vi sia nessuna forma di schiavitù moderna o traffico di esseri umani nella nostra attività.