Edition Peters print sheet music for “Roses of the Day” by John Cage and Debora Petrina

The score for “Roses of the day”, new version of John Cage’s ‘Experiences n°2’, reworked by Debora Petrina and now featuring both of the signatures “John Cage – Debora Petrina” (co-published by Ala Bianca) gets printed published and distributed in the Usa and across the world by the eminent publisher that from Beethovenon made its name working with world class composers.

Debora Petrina hase recently released her new record “Roses of the Day”, on the new Paolo Fresu’s label, Tuk Voice. The album is a collection of new inventions for vocald and piano featuring classic rock and songwriters songs as well as contemporary composers, from Piero Ciampi to Nick Drake, from David Sylvian to Eurythmics, from Talking Heads to the Doors featuring also jazz standards and two songs by Morton Feldman and John Cage.

The title track for the album is precisely “Roses of the day” , whose rework by Debora Petrina from John Cage’s original “experiences number2” was so impressive that prestigious Edition Peters, decided to print the original sheet music for this new version featuring Debora Petrina‘s name beside John Cage, and Ala Bianca as co-publisher for the new copyright.