Four artists from Ala Bianca in the soundtrack the the movie ‘One More Day’ Nair sings the title track

New Andrea Preti’s movie One More Day (le voci dell’anima) is out on May the 14th, featuring four AlaBianca’s productions in its soundtrack.

One More Day (le voci dell’anima) is the first attempt for actor Andrea PReti as a director, it’s a story of love and discovery of themselves featuring a comlex plot of mysterious events that only in the end will be revealed. The cast is made up by the same Andrea Preti and by actors Stefania Rocca, Andrea Renzi, Mariella Valentini e Maurizio Donadoni. Ala Bianca impress its brand on the soundtrack thanks to four songs by its artists. NAIR sings her ‘Like Dominoes’, the title track for the movie, MAURIZIO SOLIERI feat. MICHELE LUPPI perform ‘Please, believe me’, A TOYS ORCHESTRA  are in  with their ‘Noir Dance, and LEO ROSI QUARTET, plays the song ‘Night in Capri’.