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"Palabra" is Giovanni Caccamo's first Spanish album.

The Italian version of he album is "Parola". According to Caccamo, the album was created with the aim of highlighting the importance of language and fostering dialogue between generations.

"Palabra" by Giovanni Caccamo contains two unreleased collaborations with Silvio Rodríguez, and Izaro.

Each track on the album draws inspiration from Italian, foreign, or contemporary literature.

Tracks, Collaborations, and Content of this Album

All songs are preceded by an instrumental introduction where special guests read the lyrics that inspired the following song.
Giovanni personally chose and involved each of these voices, establishing an emotional and cultural creative process with them.

I'm that, for example, is the introduction of Aurora and is read by Willem Dafoe, a famous U.S. actor.
Our World, read by Patti Smith and her daughter Jesse Paris Smith, is the introduction to El Cambio.
Aida Guevara, Che Guevara's daughter, read the introduction to Canta: Lettera ai figli.
Pallottole is the introduction to Las palabras tienen peso, and is read by Andrea Camilleri, a famous Italian writer and screenwriter.
La evolucíon's introduction is Risarcimento, read by Michele Placido, an Italian actor.
Italian activist and politician Liliana Segre read Madre, introduction to Presas y depredadores.
Beppe Fiorello, Italian actor, read the introduction to Yo me perderé: Senza di te tornavo.
The album also contains two previously unreleased collaborations: one is Te amaré with Silvio Rodríguez and is the introduction to Eterno and the other with Izaro for the song Tu y yo.

The album is part of the larger project "Il manifesto del cambiamento" which is based on the book published by Treccani, with an unpublished preface by Pope Francis, called precisely Il manifesto del cambiamento.

It was Franco Battiato who discovered Caccamo.
The singer later became famous for winning among the young proposals at the 2015 Sanremo Festival.

With the release of "Palabra," Giovanni Caccamo also announces his Spanish tour. The tour will end in Barcelona where Caccamo will be a guest of Andrea Bocelli at a show of the famous tenor and singer.


  1. I’m That 01’26
  2. Aurora 04’31
  3. Our World 01’21
  4. El cambio 03’41
  5. Lettera ai figli 02’18
  6. Canta 03’26
  7. Pallottole 01’23
  8. Las palabras tienen peso 02’46
  9. Risarcimento 01’31
  10. La evolucíon 03’38
  11. Madre 01’42
  12. Presas y depredadores 02’46
  13. Senza di te tornavo 01’22
  14. Yo me perderé
  15. Te amaré 01’50
  16. Eterno 03’44
  17. Tu Y yo 03’25