Denise – Rain

Year of release


Rain is Denise's new single that precedes the album Universe.

Denise is considered by many to be the revelation of Italian independent music.
With her debut album Dodo, do! released in late 2010 and produced by Gianni Maroccolo, she had attracted unexpected and exciting interest in the discography, live and media markets, so much so that she attracted the attention of Radio Deejay, MTV, RadioRai2.
Denise recorded Rain at Solo studio under a new artistic production, that of Roberto Vernetti, Cristian Milani and Michele Clivati.
A record full of new features that comes two years after her debut and will be in stores on October 30.
Two years in which Denise has grown up and transformed from the boyish Alice in the Land of her Imaginary Friends into a grown-up, determined girl who knows what she wants.

Different sounds that blend into each other, harmonies that wind through the artist's words and allow us to fully immerse ourselves in her Universe, where, as she herself states: everything is the opposite of everything.