Enzo Jannacci “O vivere o ridere”- Enzo Jannacci


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ABR 128554041-2


The first CD release of "O vivere o ridere" by Enzo Jannacci,published in 2011 by Ala Bianca with the help of Enzo's son, Paolo Jannacci.

The original album was recorded at Regson studios in Milan in June 1976.

This CD version has a significant improvement in audio quality due to the intervention of Paolo Jannacci that cleaned, edited, remastered and adjusted the original masters.
This resulted in a better sound that gives an infinitely improved listening experience and perception in quality.

The sound engineer is Gianluigi Pezzera, and the album cover is a work by Renato Queirolo.

"O vivere o ridere" includes some of the great singer-songwriter's most beautiful songs and is part of his greatest hits along with  "Quelli che...", "Secondo te che gusto c'è" e  "Foto ricordo" also released by Ala Bianca in CD format.

The album contains a particularly ironic version of Vivere, in which Enzo deliberately changes the words and sings out of tune, with the background of other voices trying unsuccessfully to correct him.

The songs from "O vivere o ridere" were composed by Enzo Jannacci in collaboration with other great artists of the time such as Dario Fo, his great friend and colleague.


  1. Vivere 5’07”
  2. La storia del mago 6’43”
  3. Per la moto non si dà 3’07”
  4. Statu quo 3’11”
  5. Dagalterun Fandango 3’23”
  6. Senza i Danè 3’36”
  7. Tira a campà 5’11”
  8. Rido 2’34”
  9. Quando il Sipario… 3’58”