Enzo Jannacci – Secondo te… che gusto c’è?


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The first CD release of "Secondo te... che gusto c'è?" by  Enzo Jannacci, published in 2011 by Ala Bianca with the help of Enzo's son, Paolo Jannacci.

The original album, recorded at Ricordi studios in Milan, was released in October 1977.
This CD version has a significant improvement in audio quality due to the intervention of Paolo Jannacci that cleaned, edited, remastered and adjusted the original masters.
The CD has a better sound that gives an infinitely improved listening experience and perception in quality.

"Secondo te... che gusto c'è?" by Enzo Jannacci includes some of the great singer-songwriter's most beautiful songs and is part of his greatest hits along with "Quelli che...", "Foto ricordo" and "O vivere o ridere", also released by Ala Bianca in CD format.

The song that is the title of the record was also the theme song of the program Secondo voi, hosted by Pippo Baudo. It was him who specifically asked Jannacci to compose the song to be used as the theme song.
The album's cover is a work by Bruno Bozzetto and it's an image taken from the cartoon realized for the opening of the program.
It's the third time Jannacci has recordede E sapere, taht was already contained in Milanese dialect in two other publications.
La costruzione is a cover of a song composed by Chico Buarque de Hollanda.
Secondo te...Che gusto c'è? and Saxophone are the only two songs on the album that are not arranged by Jannacci, but by maestro Pippo Caruso, Baudo's longtime collaborator.



  1. Libe Là 5’55”
  2. Jannacci, Arrenditi 2’52”
  3.  Il Panettiere 5’15”
  4. Rino 2’14”
  5. S.O.Selfservice 3’08”
  6. Secondo te… Che gusto c’è? 3’33”
  7. Saxophone 3’39”
  8. La costruzione 4’37”
  9. E Sapere 4’15”