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The first CD release of "Foto ricordo" by Enzo Jannacci, published in 2011 by Ala Bianca with the help of Enzo's son, Paolo Jannacci.

The original record, released on July 6, 1979, was recorded at "Il Mulino" studio in Milan by owner Piero Bravin.
This CD version has a significant improvement in audio quality due to the intervention of Paolo Jannacci taht cleaned, edited, remastered and adjusted the original masters.
The CD has a better sound that gives an infinitely improved listening experience and perception in quality.

What's in the CD?

"Foto ricordo" by Enzo Jannacci includes some of the great singer-songwriter's most beautiful songs and is part of his greatest hits along with "Quelli che...", "Secondo te che gusto c'è" and "O vivere o ridere", also released by Ala Bianca in CD format.

There are some short divertissements acted in the album, the first and last, as well as "Il labrador" which opened side B of the vinyl.
Of the eight songs, some had already been released, such as "Ecco tutto qui" by Mina and "Bartali" and "Sudamerica" by their author, Paolo Conte and also "Mario", with musc by Pino Donaggio, recorded by him, and "La Poiana" a collaboration with Dario Fo.

Inside the booklet of "Foto Ricordo", is an inscription  by Enzo Jannacci. Enzo talks about how after various researches has selected the album that he wanted to re-publishing. In the letter he also thanks his son for the enormous amount of work done to reissue and improve on his father's greatest hits.

The musicians, though uncredited, are the same ones who played with Jannacci in those years, always chosen from among the best in circulation.

The cover portrays Enzo with his wife and son Paolo in a singular pose in the style of old photographs, the whole family (and a cat) wearing customary clothes but paired with roller skates.



  1. Il Ficus 1’04
  2. Io e Te 3’09
  3. Saltimbanchi 4’28
  4. Natalia 5’04
  5. Mario 6’25
  6. Il Labrador 0’13
  7. Bartali 3’52
  8. La Poiana 4’12
  9. Sudamerica 3’35
  10. Ecco tutto qui 7’20
  11. Il Sintetizzatore 0’46