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"L'artista" is the 19th album by Enzo Jannacci, released on November 26, 2013, shortly after his passing, by the Modena-based label Ala Bianca.

Recorded when Enzo Jannacci was still alive, L'artista is an album conceived by Enzo's son, Paolo Jannacci.
In "L'Artista" Jannacci arranged and performed some unknown songs from his repertoire.
Together with his son, he selected a set of 11 tracks, called "the most beautiful tracks" by the artist.
Enzo recorded the songs with new arrangements ranging from jazz to pop rock.
Very accurate production from song selection to mastering.
Jannacci interpreted the songs with incredible passion and professionalism.
Paolo supervised every stage of the production, creating new arrangements for Enzo's voice that involved the best Italian musicians.

Enzo and Paolo Jannacci

"L'artista" is not just an album, it's a great work, well executed because of the beautiful connection between father and son, united in harmonic symbiosis.
Paolo and Enzo Jannacci, you think of them when you talk about artistic complicity between father and son who grew up together, two men for whom time did not matter.
Together, in their passions and songs.
And when the father died, the son brought back to life his immense talent.
These songs, collected in an album entitled "The Artist," will surely be defined in various ways.
For us it is and always will be an immeasurable act of love.


Among the tracks on the album is the unreleased Desolato, made with the participation of the rapper J-Ax.
The music video made for this song included the participation of old and new friends of Jannacci, including Claudio Bisio, Jovanotti, Luciano Ligabue, Caparezza, Ale and Franz, Fabri Fibra and Emis Killa.


  1. L’Artista 3:32
  2. Desolato 3:45
  3. Un Amore da 50 Lire 3:45
  4. La Sera Che Partì Mio Padre 4:25
  5. Io Che Amo Solo Te 3:27
  6. Non Finirà Mai 4:08
  7. Il Tassì 3:33
  8. Cosa Importa 2:52
  9. Maria Me Porten Via 4:01
  10. Passaggio a Livello 3:35
  11. Senza Parole 3:20