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Che aria tira is a record album by Italian music group Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti, released in 2013.
It is the band's 11th album, an album that marks a further musical evolution between acoustic grooves, rock forays and electronic sounds.
Salvatore De Siena, Amerigo Sirianni and Mimmo Crudo with the historical collaboration of Antonio Rimedio and Manuel Franco have packaged an album that brings together their 20 years of experience in music, cinema and theater.
An album of "Socially Useful Music" that passionately addresses social issues ranging from the Mafia to the environment, from labor to prison, to racism and the conflict of cultures and religions.
Che aria tira is also an album that plumbs deep into the human soul in search of the meaning of living in the age of globalization.

Che Aria Tira : contents of the album

The album opens with the eponymous song Che aria tira, a feat with Mikrokosmos - Coro Multietnico di Bologna directed by Maestro Michele Napolitano.
La nave dei veleni is inspired by the book Navi a perdere by Carlo Lucarelli and follow the course of Ecomafia.
Also about the envitroment Crotone (feat. Fabrizio Moro) wich deals with enviromental devastation of Italy from Casale Monferrato to Napoli and from Taranto to Crotone.
Vento di Scirocco also explores colors, emotions and hopes of the South.
Qualcuno mi ha detto, is inspired by the poem Il più bello dei mari by Nazim Hikmet, that search sense of life along the way of love.
Ho visto gente lavorare is dedicated to victims at work while Vita detenuta whispers the suicidal voices of prison.
Alì Ochalì (with the voice of Turkish singer Canceli Basak)tells the story of the great Ottoman leader of Calabrian origin who converted to Islam to free Calabria from Spanish rule.
Terapia sociale is about the delusion of science and economics, aesthetic perfection and infinite life.
Closing the album is La poltrona, a sarcastic little story about power.


  1. Che aria tira 03:12
  2. Vento di Scirocco 04:11
  3. Crotone 03:35
  4. Ho visto gente lavorare 03:33
  5. La nave dei veleni 03:57
  6. Vita detenuta 02:47
  7. Alì Ochalì 02:53
  8. Qualcuno mi ha detto 03:25
  9. Terapia sociale 03:25
  10. La poltrona 02:53