Vegetable G – L’Almanacco Terrestre


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"L'almanacco terrestre" in the new Vegetable G's album, published by Ala Bianca in 2012.

The album release was preceded by the EP "La filastrocca dei nove pianeti".

This new and very special album revolves around electronic, eighties-style synth-pop, but also rock.

L´almanacco terrestre is an interstellar voyage, on a spacecraft, but not very spacious, to the universe and its mysteries.
This is light music, but light enough to lift you off the ground and make you float in weightlessness. So all that remains is to buckle up and surrender to the cosmic disorder.

In "L´aritmetica che non capisco", love is like a function, with unknowns wrapped in a hypnotic atmosphere, made of rhythms repeated n times, which on the finale give way to a wide instrumental expanse made of percussion and scratching riffs.

Le avventure dell´oblò is an illogical sonG and playful is La filastrocca dei nove pianeti, the song is full of horns, due to the presence of the now omnipresent Enrico Gabrielli.

"La voce di Pan" is somber in its opening, reminiscent in its recitative to the rock of Battiato.
"Il giardino delle sfere" revolves around a delicate and essential pop, devoid of smears, in which the melodies hang by a thread in perfect balance.

"Il cielo di Van Gogh" is a typical love song, and a 'further dreamlike experience is "Galaxy express".

This is soft music, but to the point of lifting you off the ground and floating in weightlessness. So all that remains is to buckle up and surrender to the cosmic disorder.


  1. L’Aritmetica che non capisco 03:18
  2. L’almanacco terrestre 03:46
  3. La voce di Pan 03:02
  4. Il cielo di Van Gogh 03:12
  5. L’uomo di pietra 03:15
  6. Il giardino delle sfere 02:48
  7. La filastrocca dei nove pianeti 03:38
  8. L’idea del Plancton 03:10
  9. Galaxy Express 02:52
  10. Le avventure dell’oblò 03:44