“ANIME NERE” triumphs at the “David di Donatello”, Giuliano Taviani wins two awards for the original soundtrack produced by Ala Bianca

‘ANIME NERE’ by Francesco Munzi triumphs at Italian Movie Awards “David di Donatello” winning nine grammies featuring two awards for Giuliano Taviani as the Best Musician and for the Best Original Song. Ala Bianca is the producer and publisher for the original soundtrack

On the evening of June the 12th at Teatro Olimpico in Roma Francesco Munzi achive a resounding success with his movie ‘Anime Nere’ winning nine David di Donatello (featuring the prestigious grammis as  ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best film’) out of the sixteen it was nominated for.

Along with Francesco Munzi also Giuliano Taviani gets in the spotlight for his soundtrack, produced and published by Ala Bianca, by winning two awards, as Best Musician and for the Best Original Song (the title track “Anime Nere” written by Giuliano Taviani and performed by Massimo De Lorenzo).

As  during the ceremony the Italian cinema Accademy pays omage to Ennio Morricone, and while among the competitors there are some leading figures in Italian music scene (Nicola Piovani, Paolo Fresu, Francesco De Gregori…) this prizeit represents a double satisfaction for Giuliano Taviani and for Ala Bianca, featuring Toni Verona and his staff.

Giuliano Taviani and Francesco Munzi know each other since their school days and they kept on working together along the years, as it was for previous movies Saimir (2004) and Il Resto della Notte (2008). Today they get their recognition in front of the Italian Cinema Academy.

‘ANIME NERE’  also won the award as Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Production, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing and Best Sound Engineer.