“Enzo Jannacci – Qualcosa da ascoltare – Tra inediti e rarità” (collectors LP)


ABR 128554462-1


Ten years after Enzo Jannacci's passing, Ala Bianca releases the collector's vinyl “ Enzo Jannacci - Qualcosa da ascoltare - tra inediti e rarità”. This precious album collects private recordings from Enzo's early years of artistic activity, restored and mastered, and three unreleased tracks.

“Enzo Jannacci - Qualcosa da ascoltare - tra Inediti e rarità” is a collection of past audio finds that retain valuable historical and artistic value. The LP embellish the creative legacy of Enzo Jannacci, one of the greatest Italian artist-songwriters of all time.

Side A collects demo recordings made between the 1950s and 1960s, which have remained unknown until now.
These songs were recorded in Jannacci's house by him alone or with some musician friends, leaning the small tape recorder on the piano. Among them are three unreleased songs: “Con le mani sopra il viso”’, “Non posso sporcarmi il vestito”, “Il vestito dell’altro ieri”, and a live version of the famous song Les Feuilles Mortes (Kosma, Prevert). This repertoire gives us access to the creative and musical mind of a very young Jannacci.
On the same side, we can find some of the songs that consecrated Jannacci's genius, including "El portava i scarp del tennis".

Side B shows the other side of the Artist, the more theatrical and ironic, spectacular one, conveyed to the audience in its live nature. This side contains the recording of the 1966 concert at INTRA'S AL CORSO in Milan, which makes us relive Jannacci's musical Cabaret. Here we can find some of the musical treasures of Jannacci's career, including a few songs written by Nobel Prize winner Dario Fo (La luna è una lampadinaand “Un foruncolo”).

Despite the fact that the material is consumed by time, “Enzo Jannacci - Qualcosa da ascoltare tra inediti e rarità” has a surprising musicality and modernity to it, and is of rare authenticity. A real "gem".


Side A

  1. El portava i scarp del tennis (first sample)
  2. Con le mani sopra il viso (unreleased)
  3. L’ombra (sample)
  4. Soldato Nencini (sample)
  5. Non posso sporcarmi il vestito (unreleased)
  6. Il vestito dell’altro ieri (unreleased)
  7. Les feuilles mortes (live version with band)

Side B

1966 live concert at INTRA’S AL CORSO in Milan

  1. Andava a Rogoredo
  2. La luna è una lampadina
  3. E l’era tardi
  4. Un foruncolo
  5. Faceva il palo
  6. Sfiorisci bel fiore
  7. Il primo furto non si scorda mai