Radiodervish – “Café Jerusalem” the new album

Radiodervish new album “Café Jerusalem” out now, produced by, prodotto da Cosmasola Edizioni and copublished by Ala Bianca

“Café Jerusalem” is a musical journey that brings those who lisetn to it among Mediterranean and Middle East atmospheres, in a meltin pot of cultures and splendour. The new chapter in Radiodervish discography is an homage to the three times sacred city of Jerusalem and to its Hakawati,  the storytellers that used to sing and play along the centuries in its cafés, characters both real and fabled. “Café Jerusalem” nine songs alternate instrumental parte and lyrics inspired by a piece of writing by journalist and novelist Paola Caridi, telling the story of an almost impossible love between a young palestinian girl and a Jewish immigrant boy featuring the disputed city on the background.

Radiodervish released “Café Jerusalem” on their own label thanks to an extraordinary crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser, where more than 240 people took part, showing how tha band was able to build strong relationships with their audience during the years thanks to the quality of their music and to its charm.