Alfio Antico – Trema la terra- Alfio Antico


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AKR 128554276-1/2


"Trema la terra" summarizes Alfio Antico's memories, his language and sonority.

This is how "Trema la terra" combines Alfio Antico's musical roots by interweaving his immense drumming with electric and electronic elements, noise inserts and sounds that look to the great panorama of contemporary world music.
Everything represents the words and stories told by the author.

Cesare Basile is the atrtistic producer of the record.

The label Ala Bianca releases the album on March 13, 2020.


  1. Trema la terra 2’54”
  2. Pancali cucina 1’51”
  3. Nun n’aiu sonnu 4’52”
  4. Rijanedda 2’47”
  5. Pani e cipudda 2’05”
  6. Menza sira 2’50”
  7. Lettu letu 2’53”
  8. Vendemmia 4’44”
  9. Me figghiu 3’57”