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"Ciao Ragazzo" is being released as a double CD on the occasion of Amilcare Rambaldi's 100th birthday, in his memory.
An anniversary that Ala Bianca and Club Tenco have decided to celebrate with this release featuring Brazilian Chico Buarque de Hollanda, an artist who has always been very close to Amilcare.

With the help of Sergio Bardotti various suitable characters were invited. One of them was Enzo Jannacci, who had already sung some of Chico's songs.
Tosca, who in those days was releasing Bardotti's version of "Trocando em miudos." And also Vinicio Capossela, Giorgio Conte and Grazia Di Michele. Two guitarists such as Armando Corsi, who in one song performed with Antonella Serà and Irio De Paula, a Brazilian settled in Italy.
Some translations by Sergio Bardotti, Giorgio Calabrese, and Ivano Fossati were recovered.
New ones were made, by Vinicio Capossela, Sergio Secondiano Sacchi (for Grazia Di Michele), and Giorgio Conte.
"Ciao ragazzo" includes on the first CD precisely these performances with some previously unreleased. For example, ones such as the duet between Chico and Jannacci in "Oh che sarà".  And also the two episodes by Armando Corsi and those by Grazia di Michele, "La francese" by Vinicio Capossela and "Tatuaggio" by Tosca.
The second disc, on the other hand, includes the concert held by Chico Buarque de Hollanda that evening. In the disc there are twelve tracks among which stand out the versions in Italian and Neapolitan respectively of Paolo Conte's "Genova per noi" (already released on the 1999 compilation “Roba di Amilcare”) and "Anema e 'core" (previously unreleased on disc).
Completing the selection are two bonus tracks by Ornella Vanoni, "Tre uomini" and "Tatuaggio," translations of famous songs by the South American artist also performed at Tenco on another occasion.



  1. SAMBA DE ORLY – Armando Corsi
  2. OCCHI NEGLI OCCHI (Olhos nos Olhos) – Antonella Serà/Armando Corsi
  3. NINNA NANNA (Acalanto) – Grazia De Michele
  4. ANNA DI AMSTERDAM (Ana de Amsterdam) – Grazia di Michele
  5. LA BANDA PASSO’ (La banda) – Giorgio Conte
  6. FACENDO I CONTI (Trocando em miudos) – Tosca
  7. TATUAGGIO (Tatuagen) – Tosca
  8. LA FRANCESE (Joana Francesa) – Vinicio Capossela
  9. O QUE SERA’ – Irio di Paula
  10. SAMBA E AMOR – Irio De Paula
  11. PEDRO PEDREIRO – Enzo Jannacci
  12. LA COSTRUZIONE – Enzo Jannacci
  13. OH CHE SARA – E. Jannacci & C. Buarque


  1. VOLTA DO MALANDRO – C. Buarque
  2. SAMBA DO GRANDE AMOR – C. Buarque
  3. FUTUROS AMANTES – C. Buarque
  4. JOANA FRANCESA – C. Buarque
  5. EU TE AMO – C. Buarque
  6. QUEM TE VIU, QUEM TE VE – C. Buarque
  7. E LA DESATINOU – C. Buarque
  8. BEJO DA CRUZ – C. Buarque
  10. GENOVA PER NOI – C. Buarque
  11. VAI PASSAR – C. Buarque
  12. ANEMA E ‘CORE – C. Buarque