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"Fra la via Aurelia e il West" is a double CD consisting of 28 songs by i Francesco Guccini.
The disc is the sound document of Club Tenco's 2015 Rassegna della Canzone d’Autore.
The invited artists performed Francesco Guccini's songs published here at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo.

Club Tenco chose artists even when they did not seem to be suitable to interpret Guccini.
The chosen artists were able to experiment with new ways of expressing that repertoire. They rediscovered and refreshed a production known and loved by all.
Certain "male" Guccini songs performed by women, for example, or his linear melodies animated by jazz approaches. A text transposed into English or his music dilated for symphony orchestra or put into the mouth of a vocal experimenter.

Fra la via Aurelia e il West: The performers

Only a couple of artists were invited as they are related to the author.
Leonardo Pieraccioni, an actor and director, though also a singer-songwriter, is first and foremost a friend of Guccini's, so much so that he has "slipped' him into three of his films. Roberto Vecchioni, on the other hand, shares with Guccini a friendship born and grown precisely at Tenco.

Then Carmen Consoli, John De Leo, Bobo Rondelli, Appino, Bocephus King (the Canadian who had the commendable initiative to offer us an English version of Guccini). And also Vittorio De Scalzi with Mauro Pagani involved in the opening theme song of the Review.
Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi, Cesare Basile, Têtes de Bois, Cristina Donà, Pacifico and the great guitar player Armando Corsi, who was celebrating 50 years of musical activity on the occasion.
Among the "new proposals" La Scapigliatura and Giovanni Truppi.
Three great ensembles were called for the occasion. A jazz ensemble led by Paolo Damiani, with young talents from Italian Conservatories, including Camilla Battaglia to sing the tribute to Guccini.
The Sanremo Symphony Orchestra, which gave new sounds to three of Francesco's songs, conducted by Vince Tempera, Guccini's historic arranger, and the voice of Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke.
And also the formation under the name " Musici and Friends " of a group of Guccini's historical instrumentalists accredited more than anyone else to re-propose that repertoire.
Finally, singing the anti-militarist side of Guccini's repertoire was Davide Sellari, aka Olden.
Sellari brought the pacifist message to the heart of San Remo's old La Pigna district.


CD 1

  1. Vittorio De Scalzi e Mauro Pagani: Auschwitz (F. Guccini)
  2. La Scapigliatura: L’antisociale (F.Guccini)
  3. Olden: L’atomica cinese (F. Guccini)
  4. Camilla Battaglia con l’Orchestra Nazionale dei Giovani Talenti del Jazz diretta da Paolo Damiani: Quattro stracci (F. Guccini)/ Cyrano (G.Bigazzi/G.Dati/F.Guccini)
  5. Appino: Eskimo (F.Guccini)
  6. John De Leo con la Grande Abarasse Orchestra: Il pensionato (F.Guccini)
  7. Bobo Rondelli: L’avvelenata (F.Guccini)
  8. Cristina Donà: Stelle (F.Guccini)
  9. Roberto Vecchioni: Bisanzio(F.Guccini)
  10. Roberto Vecchioni: Incontro (F.Guccini)
  11. Armando Corsi: Scirocco(F.Guccini/J.C. Biondini)
  12. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke*: Radici (F.Guccini)
  13. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke*: Canzone quasi d’amore (F.Guccini)
  14. Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke*: Cyrano(G. Bigazzi/G.Dati/F.Guccini)

* Con l’Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo diretta da Vince Tempera.


CD 2 

  1. Carmen Consoli: Il vecchio e il bambino(F. Guccini)
  2. Têtes de Bois: Canzone delle domande consuete(F.Guccini)
  3. Leonardo Pieraccioni: Venezia (G.P.Alloisio/F.Guccini)
  4. Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi: Dio è morto(F. Guccini)
  5. Pacifico: Gli artisti (F.Guccini/J.C.Biondini)
  6. Giovanni Truppi: Gli amici (F.Guccini)
  7. Cesare Basile: La ballata degli annegati (F. Guccini)
  8. Bocephus King: Autogrill(F.Guccini)
  9. Deborah Kooperman: E tornò la primavera (D.Kooperman/F.Guccini)
  10. Musici & Friends*: Noi non ci saremo(F.Guccini)
  11. Musici & Friends*: Canzone delle osterie di fuori porta (F. Guccini)
  12. Musici & Friends*: Asia (F.Guccini)
  13. Musici & Friends*: Statale 17(F.Guccini)
  14. Musici & Friends*: La locomotiva (F.Guccini)
  15. Francesco Guccini: saluto

* Ensemble costituitosi per il “Tenco 2015” con Juan Carlos “Flaco” Biondini, Roberto Manuzzi, Antonio Marangolo, Pierluigi Mingotti, Vince Tempera, Jimmy Villotti, Ivano Zanotti. Voce solista Juan Carlos “Flaco” Biondini.


Progetto artistico di Enrico de Angelis.