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Fabio Testoni ex Dandy Bestia, founder of Skiantos with Freak Antony, debuting his first solo album: GIANO.

Giano was produced byOderso Rubini and features the participation of Alex Britti and Maurizio Solieri.
It contains nine songs plus one ("Io dentro" also appears in a double version, normal and "orchestral").
Like Giano Bifronte, the double-headed deity, the album is full of different faces.
Songwriting rock remains the basis of the songs, which use irony, melancholy, sarcasm, romance, sometimes returning to demented rock as in "Cappuccetto Rosso" which seems to come straight from the Skiantos' repertoire.His pen and guitar are a piece of Italian rock history. Fabio/Dandy makes himself heard here in facets both familiar and new. Who is he today, Fabio Testoni or Dandy Beast? The romantic of "Isola felice" or the irreverent of "Cappuccetto rosso"?
The face in shadow or the face in light on the cover? The beauty is right there: it is all that and more.



  1. Sto bene
  2. Un uomo vecchio in una macchina nuova
  3. Novembre
  4. Io dentro
  5. Cappuccetto rosso
  6. Speciale naturale
  7. L’isola felice
  8. Cuore
  9. Storia furba
  10. Io dentro (Orchestrale)