James Senese – Aspettanno ‘o tiempo- James Senese Napoli Centrale


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Aspettanno 'o tiempo is James Senese's first live album.
The album celebrates a half-century career but also looks ahead. It is an exciting album by one of Italy's most genuine and intense artists.
It is a two-pronged project: fifteen live tracks and three previously unreleased tracks recorded separately. In the latter the band is joined by percussionists Robertinho Bastos and Ciccio Merolla.
The operation stems from the tour that followed the previous CD "'O sanghe" which won the Targa Tenco for best album in dialect in 2016.

The album, full of references to the past, switches between pain and nostalgia, dream and hope.
It is a synthesis of the various souls of the leader and his different creative phases.
The jewel of the record is a studio track, "Ll'america," written by Edoardo Bennato and sewn on our singer.
The current Napoli Centrale lineup with De Rienzo, Vitolo and Marangolo was the group-base of Pino Daniele's "Nero a metà" record, which, at a very young age, transited into Senese's jazz-rock band under a pseudonym and as bassist.
Thinking of his departed friend, James pays tribute to him by singing his "Chi tene 'o mare." And this is no coincidence either.


  1. ‘Ngazzate nire 03:37
  2. Hey James 04:28
  3. Mille poesie 04:02
  4. ll ‘america 04:05
  5. Sott’ e lenzole 05:20
  6. Aro’ vaie 04:37
  7. Route 66 05:19
  8. Chi tene ‘o mare 04:23
  9. Acquaiò 05:14
  10. Alhambra 08:52
  11. Campagna 05:31
  12. Dint ‘o core 03:41
  13. E ‘na bella jurnata 06:33
  14. Love supreme 04:05
  15. Viecchie mugliere muorte e criature 07:04
  16. ‘O Sanghe 05:03
  17. ‘O Nonno mio 05:11
  18. Simme jute e simme venute 10:47