Solieri Gang – Non si muore mai


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"Non si muore mai" is the new mini-LP presented by the Solieri Gang with Ala Bianca.
Is the first album by Maurizio Solieri's band.
The Solieri Gang is a rock-band fformed by some of the best and most and famous instrumentalists of the genre in Italy.
They were able to generate a full sound, also veined with melodic refinements typical of pop music.

The album contains 7 tracks including 3 unreleased sung tracks and 1 rom track of the video 'Non si muore mai'.
Unreleased "Non si muore mai" in a double radio edit and standard version and the powerful ballad "Segni," were arranged instinctively, as the best tradition of vintage rock wanted, while "Scheggie Impazzite" is a vocal-piano divertissement.
The rhythm section played live in the studio and Solieri then added arpeggios, vintage sounds, live sounds, and some electronic loops.
It was Max Gelsi, the bass player, who came up with the idea of a record played by the "gang."
Lorenzo Campani, the vocalist, wrote the lyrics, not forgetting a few slogans.
Maurizio Solieri,the guitarist, unleashed his creativity to give birth to unreleased songs, punctuated by his classic riffs.
Mimmo Camporale
,the keyboardman, embellished the musical compositions with piano arpeggios and Hammond organ relays.
Ivano Zanotti, the drummer, pounded the skins of his instrument to exhaustion, pumped by Max's powerful bass..
To conclude, they found themselves caricatured in a psychedelic, colorful video with a long road in the background, speeding downhill and then climbing into the canyons of Monument Valley.
And so, the Solieri Gang began its journey.


  1. Non si muore mai (radio edit) 4.11
  2. Non si muore mai 5.07
  3. Segni 4.20
  4. Endless lover 5.17
  5. Schegge impazzite 4.19
  6. I need you so babe 4.13
  7. Every little thing 4.43
  8. Bonus track (ROM track) Non si muore mai (video clip)