È finito il sessantotto? 50°- AA.VV.


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È finito il Sessantotto? 50° is a re-release of the double album dedicated to the songs of '68 released on the 50th anniversary of that historic year and period of civil and social fights.
È finito il Sessantotto? 50° is reissued becoming part of the historic catalog of I dischi del sole, with the addition of two new unreleased songs written for the occasion.
The cover is the album's original cover by Vauro.
The title of the collection corresponds with that of the song in which Ivan Della Mea tells about his "Sessantotto", part of the compilation.
Stefano Arrighetti's notes play the songs offered in this historic compilation.

many of the songs soundtracked the 60s-70s period, reflecting the mood of the time.
The songs are perfectly in tune with what was happening in the squares, in the universities, in the workplaces; they are the "the way we were" of a generation.

È finito il Sessantotto? 50º: the content

Unforgettable songs flow through the album, such as Paolo Pietrangeli's Contessa, which is a true manifesto and pageant anthem.
O cara moglie by Ivan Della Mea and Rossa provvidenza (basi americane) by Rudi Assuntino.
Ballata della Fiat by Alfredo Bandelli  and also Uguaglianza by Paolo Pietrangeli about factory protests.
Partono gli emigranti, again by Alfredo Bandelli, deals with the problems of migration.
Valle Giulia by Paolo Pietrangeli and Giovanna Marini,  Io vi parlo di Milano by Diego De Palma about students going to the streets to protest.
All songs describing the chronicle with specific dates and places, for example Avola due dicembre 1968 by Giovanni Poggiali and Annie which talks about when the police fired on the fighting protestors causing deaths and injuries .

There are also more intimate and personal pieces that travel through history.
The beautiful Nina ti te ricordi by Gualtiero Bertelli or Anni Settanta nati dal fracasso by Paolo Pietrangeli.
There are also songs against the war in Vietnam and for the ongoing revolution in Cuba, and even a recording of Che Guevara's speech at the UNO on December 12, 1964.

The unreleased songs

The two unreleased songs are performed by two of the main protagonists of that season of songs and social struggles.
One by Giovanna Marini , Dal 68’ al blog, a long and serious sung poem that refers to a social "fog" that hides everything and a "virtual" world, here identified in the use of the blog, that isolates people from the real world.
The other by Paolo Pietrangeli, Tornerà a soffiare il vento, gives us hope for a return to greater civic and social involvement.


CD 1

  1. Contessa
  2. O cara moglie
  3. Rossa provvidenza (basi americane)
  4. Valle Giulia
  5. Primo d’Agosto Mestre sessantotto
  6. La caccia alle streghe
  7. Mio caro padrone domani ti sparo
  8. Io vi parlo di Milano
  9. Quella notte davanti alla Bussola
  10. Avola 2 Dicembre 1968
  11. Tragedia de la plaza de las tres culturas
  12. Proclama di Camillo Torres
  13. We shall not be moved
  14. La revolution
  15. Intervento ONU 12 Dicembre 1964
  16. Creare due tre molti Vietnam
  17. Hasta siempre!
  18. Dal ’68 al Blog


  1. E’ Finito il ‘68
  2. Ninna nanna del capitale
  3. Nina ti te ricordi
  4. Uguaglianza
  5. Ballata della FIAT
  6. Partono gli emigranti
  7. Ballata del piccolo An
  8. Compagno sembra ieri
  9. Anni settanta nati dal fracasso
  10. E qualcuno poi disse
  11. I treni per Reggio Calabria
  12. Lettera di commiato del Che
  13. La nave dei folli
  14. Tornerà a soffiare il vento