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The artistic-musical group Blu L'azard has created the musical project Bal poètic, promoted by Chambra d'Oc, published in 2018 by the Ala Bianca record label.

It was created with the intention of involving, with an artistic and transversal production, the minority languages present on the Piedmont territory: Occitan, Franco-Provençal and French.

These are original lyrics and music that combine dance and poetry. Compositions inspired by poets and philosophers from different eras and cultures and historical events.
In some cases there are dialect translations of poems set to music in song.
Bal poètic by Blu L'azard is a tribute to local dialects and the concept of poetry. It is a record production but also a live performance for listening and dancing. The musical inspiration is related to traditional rhythms and dances. It searching for an original sonority and interpretation in the sphere of both written and creative music and improvisation.

The history of Bal poètic

It's the concept of beauty that opens and closes the work.
It is arranged in a way that ranges from a tribute to the figure and struggle of Peppino Impastato to a polyvocal song on traditional stylistic and textual composition.
Like a journey through time and space it traverses the Russian poetry of Evtušenko, the drama of the Armenian genocide with the poet Varujan, the Crusades against Catharism.
Plus the Waldensians of the Occitan colony of Piedmont, and Emily Dickinson, Rimbaud, Yeats. The 12th-century troubadour Peire Vidal, the Italian Renaissance with Caterina Sforza. And then folk sayings and nursery rhymes, fairy tales and surreal and everyday stories that investigate our contemporary . Finally, a fitting tribute for 2018: one hundred years since the end of World War I, singing the Roman poet Trilussa and his Ninna nanna de la guerra without forgetting tragic contemporary events. A work that requires listening, a work to be read, to be danced, but above all designed to reflect and make people think.


  1. Se si insegnasse la bellezza
  2. Mac Mes
  3. Pavòts
  4. La gàrdia
  5. Aracnica
  6. Arbres / Marsian
  7. Suite di corrente tradizionali delle Valli di Lanzo
  8. Sogni / La ninna nanna de la guerra
  9. Ìnsono / Libera din l’eiva
  10. Vota Perou vota Paou
  11. Estat ai gran sazo
  12. Miristica / Experimenta
  13. Correnta de Costeòles e balet
  14. Bella t’è bella
  15. La bleussi