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Secret Fires”is the third album by the band Ofeliadorme.
Eight tracks recorded and produced by Howie B with sound engineer Joe Hirst between the Welsh countryside and London in June 2015.
An international production that confirms the trio as one of the finest offerings on the Italian and European independent scene.

The backbone of this band is the ethereal, energetic and vibrant voice of Francesca Bono.
Ofeliadormetakes us into a graceful and throbbing dreamlike dimension in which it is so good to become inebriated.

With sounds that bring thoughts to artists such as Birthh, Indigo Blue's Free DominguezZola Jesus and also Bat For Lashes our Ofeliadorme take us on a journey of discovery into the unknown, a metaphysical and transcendental journey that begins as soon as we press the play button. There is also no shortage of ambient sounds on this record.

"Secret Fires” is about evolution and change, but also about loneliness and lack of communication. It is an album dedicated to all those who still believe in the transcendent power of imagination.
This is an important album with which Francesca Bono, Michele Postpischl and Tato Izzia will have to deal from now on.
It is a solid record not only from the point of view of professionalism but something that responds to a fusion of professionalism and inspiration, precise artistic vision and great control over the voice on the part of Francesca, who has not dampened the pop momentum to a record of depth and with practically no dips in intensity in its 37-minute duration.

Certainly, "Secret Fires" is not an "easy" work,it is more difficult than the two albums that preceded it. It requires listening, attention, patience. It is, however, the one of the highest thickness, a work that slowly unfolds.
A little gem usually intended more for an international audience than an Italian indie one.


  1. Alone With the Stars 4:30
  2. Body Prayer 4:37
  3. Black/Black/Black 4:21
  4. My Soldiers 4:08
  5. Birch 3:51
  6. Visions 5:10
  7. Feels 4:14
  8. Hairbrushings 5:15