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Be Blind is the new album by Debora Petrina.
After the previous album Petrina”, which was received by critics as one of the most interesting releases of 2013, Debora Petrina with "Be Blind" delves as never before into rock territories, adding a new thick piece to her artistic journey.

In BE BLIND Petrina brings into focus her journey as a songwriter and composer by orchestrating a compact and cohesive work. In this work the pop-rock genre is declined in a completely personal key, assembling within it suggestions of psychedelia, funk, prog, wave, electronic, classical and choral music. It is an intense and restless work, often darkly hued, whose expressive strength lies in the fusion of research and immediacy, density and simplicity.
BE BLIND is a provocative exhortation to be blind in understanding an increasingly complex reality, both in personal relationships mediated by tools/screens/barriers and in the confused or distorted reading of the political and social events that determine our lives.
But it is also a possible escape, a visionary blindness that allows us to see beyond things.

The electro intro of "November 10th" unveils a progression that culminates in a smash of keyboards and a monastic chorus.
The psychoanalytic piano of "Wild Boar" uncovers an infectious refrain: these are its "usual" mutant arrangements.
What really dissolves the pop ghosts of the predecessor album is the progression at the heart of the work. "Supercharged Machine "is the most violent song of Petrina's career. The post-hard-rock regurgitation of "Miles" is mirrored in "Paper Debris," one of her freest and most delirious.
By contrast, it has a distorted spiel mixed with ballad "Frog Song."
It is a pulse-pounding sequence, in intensity and feverishness.


  1. November 10th
  2. Wild Boar
  3. Supercharged Machine
  4. Paper Debris (what remains of our conversations)
  5. Miles
  6. I Lik
  7. Frog Song
  8. Broken Embraces
  9. The War You Don’t See
  10. The Looney