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Cascina Piovanotto is the latest album by one of the masters of Italian songwriting, Giorgio Conte.

Love predominates in all 11 unreleased tracks.
The beginning is very intense with Stringimi forte where love is painted in its welding of complicity at any time, of storm, but also of calm and serenity.
It seems that this welding was deliberately represented by the choral embrace. That's outlined in the song by the pleasant presence of the Coro Polifonico di Cortemilia in the song's refrain.

Love comes back even when it's gone: Non mi importa se tu is a hymn to the memory of those who have left us, but imprinted their name within us.
And, as it resumes in Avevo una gran voglia di vederti, it does not leave us even in dreams.

The poetry of Conte's verses comes alive when he paints the strong awareness of a relationship that, thought of as fleeting, disengaged, such is not the case, for it is not easy to distinguish the boundaries of Gli amanti.
Then seem to be dealing with a new Pascoli when he decides to refer to the "nest" of love that was the house where passion broke out and will never collapse. And after Vecchio Pedro, whose presence seems to signal the need for a manager of the Cascina who knows how to run it as only he, a man to be married, knows how to do, here is the treat with Alessandro Fullin.
L'amor no bussa is song that can only be considered the right epilogue to this "red" notebook of love (like the cover).
That is a love that does not ask permission but when it arrives it shocks you like an unexpected shot, like the one present in È arrivato amore.



1. Stringimi forte 3:32
2. Dondolo con te 3:28
3. Non m’importa se tu 2:38
4. Sto con te 3:18
5. Come stai ? 3:20
6. Avevo una gran voglia di vederti 2:48
7. E’ arrivato amore 3:55
8. Gli amanti 4:06
9. Posso salire? 3:21
10.La casa che abitavi tu 2:28
11.Vecchio Pedro 2:40
12.L’amor no bussa 3:58