James Senese & Napoli Centrale – ‘O Sanghe- James Senese Napoli Centrale

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James Senese & Napoli Centrale's "O'Sanghe" is a record full of strength and passion. This is a disc dedicated to the stories of those who suffer, those who struggle daily for dignity and a better life.
On this album, James Senese's voice is in the spotlight for the first time, leading beyond everyday difficulties.

Musicians with whom he has been collaborating for years play on the album: Ernesto Vitolo on keyboards, Gigi De Rienzo on bass (and arranger and artistic producer), Fredy Malfi on drums.
Notable is the presence, after more than 20 years, of Franco Del Prete, the historic drummer of Napoli Centrale.

O'Sanghe by James Senese & Napoli Centrale: The songs

The album begins with the track Bon Voyage with its slow groove and blues-tinged sax. This song introduces the sad and suffering theme of unemployment, the flight of young people in search of the realization of a dream "pe' non murì."
Next we find Addo' se va, the song of hope that has died, of a society that closes its eyes to its problems.
Typical Neapolitan soul proceeds quickly with the sax clearly evident in the foreground in Ch'jurnata.
A song that is instead a shout of hope, in the Senese manner, is Il mondo cambierà.
In Mille poesie the funky rhythm of Giacoia's guitar takes over, however, in turn leaving the field, in the finale, to the velvety sound of Senese's sax.
This is followed by the engaging titletrack O' sanghe heartfelt prayer full of groove.
Pressing rhythms and lyrics with strong connotations of accusation against society (Povero munno), tribal rhythms (Portame cu' tte), typical Neapolitan melody (Tutto e niente) with a special mention to the sax solos.
Closing the disc is Addo' vaje with its upbeat and pressing rhythm as if to tell us that there can still be a better future.

Also available in 180 g numbered vinyl


  1. Bon Voyage
  2. Addò se va
  3. Ch’Jurnata
  4. Il Mondo Cambierà
  5. Mille Poesie
  6. ‘O Sanghe
  7. Povero Munno
  8. Portame Cu’tte
  9. Tutto e Niente
  10. Addò Vaje