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LUB DUB is the new album by A Toys Orchestra, released after four years since the last one, “Butterfly effect”.

Production is handled by Giacomo Fiorenza, their collaborator on previous releases as well as the instrumentalists on this album.
Listening to "LUB DUB," anyone who has ever played in a band immediately perceives in the album the air in the practice room, when the band begins to work well together and something more concrete and musical emerges from fragments of ideas.
"LUB DUB" might sound like the album of maturity , but A Toys Orchestra have reached it long ago. They confirming themselves masters of multiple styles and with a level of writing that is always very careful and qualitatively high.

LUB DUB: Something about the songs

An example of maturity is "More Than I Need," full of contents in both lyrics and music.
In the song the acoustic guitar ties in with the bass and with the solo part in the second half of the song.
On the album we move from the energetic rock of "Take it easy" and "Tiger claw" to a sound similar to R.E.M. with "Believe" or Pink Floyd in the ballad "Dance lady dance," or in "Show me your face", where the whole song is open and bright.
There are also ballads like "Candies & Flowers" or "Someone like you," though slightly below the level of the other songs on "LUB DUB."
Among the slower songs, however, "Lub dub" stands out. Still in the relaxed mood, but more successful, "My body is a lie" is a concentrate of feelings, regrets, escapism.

"LUB DUB" is an intimate album that starts from individual and common experiences, but wants to get straight to the listener's heart.
Music that tries to exorcise the bad times, while managing to look forward. Creation, writing and recording were lightning fast; once in the studio, A Toys Orchestra gave it their all.
The four years since their last work for some may seem like a long time, for others it flew by, but "LUB DUB" fully repaid the wait.


  1. More Than I Need 04:28
  2. Take It Easy 03:22
  3. Dance Lady Dance 03:55
  4. Tiger Claw 03:46
  5. Like A Matisse 02:09
  6. Show Me Your Face 05:33
  7. Candies & Flowers 04:11
  8. Believe 04:13
  9. My Body Is A Lie 04:15
  10. Someone Like You 02:43
  11. Lub Dub 05:20