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Debora Petrina signed a new album titled by her name: Petrina.
This emphasized his personality and identity as an artist.

On this album Petrina writes scores, incorporates electronics into some of the tracks, and gives ample space to electric guitars and synths, involving 13 musicians from different backgrounds.
Also appearing as special guests: David Byrne in a purposeful vocal cameo in 'Lina' and John Parish, lead guitar in 'Princess'.
David Byrne's presence with a cameo is a testament to his esteem for Petrina (already demonstrated by Petrina's repeated presence in his radio playlists).
But Byrne goes further, becoming the deus ex-machina of the record's closing track. In fact, his is the magical meeting between Petrina and Jherek Bischoff, a Seattle artist, his collaborator, as well as founder of Parenthetical Girl, Dead Science and Xiou Xiou, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist for Amanda Palmer.

Finally, a note to the lyrics, in Italian and English, which mark a moment of reflection, a look at the artist's past as an awareness of the present.
In this album Petrina retraces crucial and sometimes dramatic moments of her life, but with a new propulsive energy given by her music.


  1. Little Fish from the Sky 03:56
  2. The Invisible Circus 04:17
  3. Princess 03:23
  4. Niente dei ricci 04:58
  5. Sky-Stripes in August 04:36
  6. Denti 03:21
  7. I fuochi d’artificio 04:26
  8. Vita da cani 03:07
  9. Dog in Space 04:24
  10. Lina 06:44
  11. Sky-Stripes in August 06:28