Maurizio Solieri – Dentro e fuori dal Rock’n’roll- Maurizio Solieri


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Dentro e Fuori Dal Rock ‘n’ Roll is Maurizio Solieri's new album.

The artist is back on the scene after seven years to present some of the many ideas he constantly produces and plays while waiting for the right moment.
His last record before this one, "Volume 1," was in 2010.

Solieri brought to Italian pop rock an original synthesis of what was best in music between the 1970s and 1980s, a magical period of great technical and innovative fervor.
He produced the album without haste, over the past three years.

There are 12 tracks on the album and they are very much influenced by the musical styles with which Solieri was formed.
Some tracks had been ready for a long time. For example "Io dico no" and "Song for a friend," while others were born from ideas he had in the studio.
Of the 12 pieces, five have lyrics. In English we have "Dogsbody" and "You will be my lady" with lyrics written and sung by Michele Luppi.
Among the others we find "Dentro e fuori dal rock'n'roll," music by Solieri and lyrics written by another friend and collaborator, Ettore Diliberto.
Another impressive track is "Io dico no," hard rock with Middle Eastern overtones.
For this song Lorenzo Campani writes the lyrics and also sings the vocal part masterfully, with great pathos and emotion.
Campani also draws his intensity from the experience given by long years spent on stages throughout Italy in the musical "Notre dame de Paris," written by Riccardo Cocciante.And finally "Dimmi," a pop song with lyrics written by Fernando Proce.

Lots of music with an international slant but with a strongly Italian heart.


  1. Io dico no 04:23
  2. Dogsbody 05:05
  3. Possible crime 02:23
  4. You will be my lady 04:27
  5. Hear my call 05:43
  6. Dentro e fuori dal rock’n’roll 04:15
  7. The dream 02:01
  8. The rain 03:04
  9. Matilda 03:18
  10. You’ll never know 04:21
  11. Dimmi 04:57
  12. Song for a friend 04:13