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"Come gli aeroplani" is the 17th album of the famous italian singer-songwriter Enzo Jannacci, published in 2001 by Ala Bianca.

Jannacci intends to dedicate these latest, completely new songs to his father (portrayed on the album cover) and to all those who continue to believe, despite everything, in certain values such as respect and altruism. These are the values with which he grew up and in which he continues to believe, because we are united by a common gift: "we have not lost the meaning of the Latin CHARITAS, which is not celebrated or inflated with pride."

"Come gli aeroplani" contains some of Enzo Jannacci's greatest hits.
Via del Campo
is the very famous song performed by De André, included as a tribute to the artist who passed away a few years earlier.
Although De Andrè had been related to Jannacci because he got to write lyrics to the music of La mia morosa la va alla fonte, by Jannacci himself, he did not mention the Milanese singer-songwriter on his album.
Brutta gente was already recorded on 45 rpm in 1974 and it was also included in the 1981 album E allora...Concerto.
Lettera da lontano won the Targa Tenco in 2002: the song was also interpreted during this event by a couple formed by Francesco Baccini and Davide Van de Sfroos.
Rido was already present on the 1976 album O vivere o ridere.
Libelà had been recorded by Cochi and Renato.


  1. Via del Campo 5’46”
  2. Come gli aeroplani 5’11”
  3. Curiosità 3’32”
  4. Cesare 4’28”
  5. Brutta gente 4’32”
  6. Anche oggi piove 3’13”
  7. È difficile 0’40”
  8. Sono timido 4’17
  9. Lettera da lontano 5’09”
  10. Varenne 3’22”
  11. Libelà 3’03”
  12. Avevo un sogno 3’51”
  13. Luna Rossa 5’21”
  14. Gippo Gippo 4’09”
  15. Rido 2’00”
  16. Ti luna 1’29”
  17. I mulini dei ricordi 5’42”