Virginiana Miller “Venga il regno”

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"Venga il regno" is the new album by Virginiana Miller,the sixth of their career.

The album contain 11 tracks, including 3 previously unreleased tracks.
The album was released in 2013 by Ala Bianca. Venga il Regno shows a radical change in the band's attitude. This is well represented by the crown that stands out on the cover and the photos that enrich the booklet where the band poses in military uniforms.
This is indeed an album that crowns beauty as the protagonist of the only desirable realm, a work projected forward, toward a future.

Venga il regno tells how these years have been, an active and strong feeling towards the immediate future as well.
In this sense, a song such as Una bella giornata, the album's first single reminds everyone that no day can be beautiful if we do not immerse ourselves in what we have and at the same time if we do not continue to continuously aspire to the best.

It is a mature album where Virginiana Miller express their musical and poetic artistry, also adopting a concrete language.
Produced by Ale Bavo , Venga il regno is an album of great richness, musical and lyrical. Eleven songs like as many photographs, or paintings. They are new songs, with the most direct and effective lyrics Virginiana have ever written.
This is aided by the experience of Simone Lenzi, co-writer of Paolo Virzì's film Tutti i santi giorni - based on Lenzi's own debut novel La generazione.

This and more is Venga il regno. The album is an invitation to come out and live here and now, in this kingdom, without waiting for anything else that is not already there, practicing beauty and letting it triumph over the rest. Just say the word, just say yes.



  1. Due
  2. Anni di piombo
  3. Una bella giornata
  4. Pupilla
  5. Dal blu
  6. Lettera di San Paolo agli operai
  7. Tutti i santi giorni
  8. Nel recinto dei cani
  9. Effetti speciali
  10. Chic
  11. L’eternità di Roma